A downloadable game

This is a standalone (no install required) clicker game.

You play as a dragon dealer, and must buy and sell dragons to earn 'Dragon Points'.

When it purchase an egg, it goes in the hatchery. While in the hatchery, it earns you a small amount of points. After some time, it will hatch and move to training. In training, it earns more points. After it has been trained, it will either be sold, or moved into the field to live. In the field it earns the most amount of points.

If it is to be sold, it will generate no points. However, after some time it will be sold and give you a larger sum of points.

After buying an egg, you have no control over where it goes.

You can also click around in the main area to give yourself more points. One click is worth one point. For every ten dragons you have, you get an additional point per click.


Install instructions

Download the above file, and then unzip it. Run the resulting .exe


DragonClick.zip 159 kB

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